NASA Contracts

Jacobs provides long-term engineering, scientific, and technical services at eight major sites for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Our partnership with NASA dates back to the Mercury Program and has increased dramatically within the last half decade – from 600 to more than 3,500 professionals solely dedicated to supporting NASA programs. At locations nationwide, Jacobs is partnering with our NASA customer in support of the next-generation space exploration vision – embodied most notably in the Constellation Program. Overall, our support includes research and development, spacecraft systems development, comprehensive engineering support, scientific research and applications, payload development and integration, information technology, facilities management, operation and maintenance, and even business services. The following contracts highlight our support to NASA.

Current Contracts
Engineering and Science Contract (ESC) at Johnson Space Center (JSC) more more
Jacobs’ professionals provide space systems-centric engineering, science, operations and maintenance, and manufacturing services at JSC, near Houston, TX – NASA’s primary center for design, development, and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for human spaceflight. Our support includes providing engineering products and services for the International Space Station (ISS), Space Shuttle, and other spacecraft flight programs; design, development, certification, and production of hardware and software; operation and maintenance of on-site laboratories and facilities; and research and development of new technology. We also provide curatorial services for NASA’s astromaterials collections, which include lunar rocks, meteorites, and returned samples from the Genesis and Stardust missions. We are responsible for several projects related to the new vision for space exploration, including the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Parachute Assembly System, CEV Crew Module Hypervelocity Impact Testing, and James Webb Space Telescope test facility modifications. We are also involved in prototype development for the next generation of rovers for extraterrestrial exploration. Jacobs’ ESC Group was the large business recipient of the 2010 NASA George M. Low Award for outstanding quality and performance. – hide
Facility Operating Services Contract (FOSC) at Stennis Space Center (SSC) more more
Jacobs provides facility operations and maintenance services to support NASAís and the SSCís missions in the areas of rocket propulsion testing, research and development in propulsion test technologies, and scientific/applied research in space technology development. This effort provides support to more than 30 federal and state agencies at SSC that share and utilize the Centerís facilities and services. The scope of the FOSC contract includes program management, life support services, engineering services, institutional services, facility maintenance and operations, and logistics and transportation services to NASA SSC and tenant organizations. In addition to typical administration, quality, safety, and training services, Jacobs provides support for emergency management, configuration management of facilities and central engineering files, food and custodial services, logistical services, general resources management, and special engineering support for high pressure fluid and cryogenic handling systems. Jacobs also provides engineering services/studies in the areas of civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, environmental, construction management, and fire protection disciplines. – hide
Engineering, Science, and Technical Services (ESTS) at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) more more
Jacobs provides services across a wide range of engineering, technical, science, propulsion, program management, and business disciplines at MSFC in Huntsville, AL, including support to marquee NASA programs such as the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station (ISS), the Constellation Program, and the Robotic Lunar Exploration Program. Jacobs is the prime contractor for the avionics suite of the Ares I-X launch vehicle – the first flight of NASA’s first new launch vehicle to be developed in more than 30 years. We also provide mechanical and electrical design, development, analyses, testing of computer and data systems, software development and testing, and simulations for space vehicles, research investigations, payloads, and ground support equipment. Jacobs operates and maintains NASA’s Material Research Facility with individuals supporting a wide range of material development, materials science, engineering, and testing. Jacobs has provided continuous support to NASA MSFC since 1989, and in 2002, Jacobs received NASA’s George M. Low Award – the agency’s premier quality and performance award for contractors – for work at MSFC. Jacobs has also been awarded NASA MSFC’s Contractor Excellence Award seven times. – hide
Manufacturing Support and Facility Operations Contract (MSFOC) at the Marshall Space Flight Centerís (MSFC) Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) more more
Jacobs provides facilities operations and management services at NASA’s MAF located near New Orleans, LA. We currently support the MAF mission of manufacturing and assembling human space flight hardware including the Orion crew exploration vehicle. The scope of the MSFOC contract includes program management; safety, health and emergency management; integrated engineering support; maintenance; site services; site operations; logistics operations services; sustaining engineering; environmental services; and construction services. – hide
Research Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering (ROME) at Langley Research Center (LaRC) more more
Jacobs provides research and facility operations, maintenance, engineering, and information technology (IT) services for NASA LaRC in Hampton, VA. Our services on the contract include design engineering, design/build project management, construction management, tactical engineering, facility operation and maintenance, configuration management, document control, facility IT integration and support, and information systems management. We also support NASA space programs with atmospheric research and technology testing and development. Jacobs plays a role in fulfilling the new space exploration program’s vision by participating in the evaluation of the Orion crew module conceptual designs by provideing design and construction of the Hydro Impact Basin which will simulate water landing loads on any future capsule and by the testing of prototypes in LaRC’s wind tunnels. We also help LaRC lead NASA’s initiatives in aviation safety, quiet aircraft technology, small aircraft transportation, and aerospace vehicles system technology. – hide
Test Evaluation Support Team (TEST) at White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) more more
The TEST contract at NASA Johnson Space Center’s WSTF near Las Cruces, NM, supports the nation’s space flight mission – specifically, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS), as well as other Federal agencies. Jacobs provides the expertise and supports the infrastructure to test and evaluate spacecraft materials, components, and rocket propulsion systems to enable the safe human exploration and utilization of space. Jacobs’ services also include facility maintenance, logistics, depot level repair of flight hardware and the maintenance and repair of test systems required for these activities. Space Shuttle support, which is a mainstay of the workload on the TEST contract, includes refurbishment and simulated altitude testing of Forward and Aft Reaction Control System thrusters, operation of the White Sands Space Harbor which is one of three Shuttle landing sites, OMS Composite Overwrap Pressure Vessel testing, and auxiliary power unit fleet leader testing. The Agency’s hypergolic experts, most of whom are Jacobs employees, reside at WSTF, making this facility essential to the health of future hypergolic propulsion system development. – hide
Aerospace Testing and Facilities Operations/Maintenance (ATOM) at Ames Research Center (ARC) more more
Jacobs provides aerospace testing and facility operations in support of various wind tunnel and thermophysics test facilities for the Wind Tunnel Operations Division and the Space Technology Division of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA, including the maintenance and operations of all wind tunnels and arc jet facilities at Ames. Our support includes operating, maintaining, repairing, and managing facilities; planning, preparing, scheduling, and conducting tests; planning, design, implementation, and checkout of development projects; data acquisition system development; IT system administration; and administrative services. – hide
Engineering and Technical Services (ETS) for the Dryden Flight Research Center more more
Jacobs engineers and technicians provide engineering, technical, and strategic communications support to NASA at the Dryden Flight Research Center located at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Engineering and technical support includes flight systems, instrumentation, operations, aero structures, propulsion, aerodynamics, flight controls and flight dynamics, software assurance, system safety and hazard analysis, facilities engineering, and simulation management systems support – performed in adherence to an ISO AS9100 certification. Strategic communications support is focused on public affairs, education outreach, commercialization, technology transfer, and the history office. The work scope recently expanded to include project management and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) pilots. We were selected as both the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and NASA Agency Level 2009 Small Business Industry Award winner and again as the Large Business Industry Award Winner in 2010. – hide
Test Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering (TFOME) at Glenn Research Center (GRC) and Plum Brook Station more more
As a subcontractor, Jacobs’ provides technical support services including model build-up and operation, facility operation, modification, repair, and maintenance in aeronautic and propulsion test facilities at NASA’s Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. Jacobs also provides test engineering support that includes test program development, integration engineering, facility engineering, and operation engineering (including acting as test conductors and facility operators). Additionally, we are responsible for the maintenance of test facilities and the design, implementation, and oversight of upgrades and modifications to the test facilities and test support equipment. Jacobs provides similar support at NASA’s Plum Brook Station as well as institutional support including general maintenance of buildings and grounds. Test facilities supported by Jacobs at both locations include subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels, engine altitude chambers, engine component facilities, space simulation chambers, vacuum facilities, space propulsion facilities, zero gravity facilities, instrumentation research and development (R&D) laboratories, materials and structures R&D laboratories, cleanrooms, and rocket test facilities. – hide
Engineering and Design (E&D) Support and Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Services more more
Jacobs provides engineering and design support and architecture and engineering services for a multitude of projects to sustain and enhance NASA’s research, testing, and launch facilities and infrastructure throughout the U.S. We offer a wide range of GSA schedules enabling our customers to easily access Jacobs’ expertise. Our services encompass analysis, site selection support, design, construction management, commissioning, and independent design review for projects ranging from the upgrade of an existing system to the design/build of state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind facilities and systems. Representative projects include the A-3 Test Stand at SSC in Bay St. Louis, MS; the Propulsion Research Laboratory at MSFC in Huntsville, AL; the Transonic Dynamic Tunnel Long Term Hurricane Recovery Program at LaRC in Hampton, VA; and Vacuum Chamber A, Vacuum Chamber B, and Support Equipment Preparation for the James Webb Space Telescope at JSC near Houston, TX. – hide
Technical Management and Systems Support for the Micro-Nano Spacecraft and Payloads Program (MNSP) more more
MichoudJacobs’ support includes project management, administrative, and engineering support to the Micro-Nano Spacecraft and Payloads Program (MNSP) within the Small Spacecraft Division at NASA Ames Research Center – the focal point of a joint Government/industry/university team that develops sustainable, cost-effective space missions to enable access to space. We support the MNSP by incorporating and developing secondary payloads to reduce overall mission cost. Our engineering work has included projects such as the hands-on development of fluid delivery systems to provide life-support and closely controlled nutrient and biocide delivery to bacteria samples and assistance with development of requirements, analysis and assessment, engineering, and development of sensors and other hardware, including the fully-automated, miniaturized triple cubesat spaceflight system for biological payloads. – hide


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