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Jacobs is the world’s premiere supplier of automotive test facilities and systems, providing a full range of services to commercial automotive industry customers. Customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers, NASCAR, and Formula One clients from the international motorsports community. We have provided comprehensive services ranging from site planning and design to installation, commissioning, and facility operation and maintenance. Our experience base encompasses virtually every type of automotive test facility, including climatic and driveability wind tunnels; aerodynamic, acoustic, and thermodynamic wind tunnels; emissions test rooms; soak rooms; altitude chambers; engine and powertrain test cells; and electromagnetic anechoic chambers. A small sampling of representative projects is highlighted below.

Current Projects
Ford Motor Company North American Test Facilities more
Jacobs provides test operations, management, brokering, and/or test support services for Ford Motor Company at 14 site locations, including Allen Park, Dearborn, Livonia, Plymouth, and Milford, MI. The Driveability Test Facility (DTF), designed and constructed by Jacobs in Allen Park, MI, and the Dearborn Development Center (DDC) Wind Tunnels, located in Dearborn, MI, encompass all of the directed air facilities used by Ford as part of their North America product development and certification programs. This collection of test facilities encompasses five climatic wind tunnels and one aero-acoustic wind tunnel. Additionally, all of Ford’s North American and Australian Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is conducted by Jacobs through an arrangement with General Motors (GM) whereby Ford vehicles are tested in a GM facility. This arrangement was the first of its kind in the highly competitive automotive industry. Today, our EMC operations model is still the only instance in the automotive industry where one competitor is accomplishing 100% of their prototype vehicle pre-production sign-off at a competitor’s Proving Ground. Likewise, Jacobs personnel are deployed across a number of Ford test sites, conducting calibrations, safety evaluations, emissions, and performance tests. – hide
BMW Aerodynamisches Versuchszentrum more
Jacobs constructed and commissioned BMW’s AVZ – a new aerodynamic research and development center located in Munich, Germany. Jacobs provided the design, construction, startup, and commissioning of the facility, which encompasses an aerodynamic model wind tunnel, a full-scale wind tunnel, and a large supporting building – providing BMW with a state-of-the-art technical facility to develop next generation vehicles. – hide
Scania Climatic Wind Tunnel more
Jacobs is providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to design, build, and commission a new climatic wind tunnel for Scania in Södertälje, Sweden near Stockholm. The facility will be utilized for product development testing of heavy trucks and buses in controllable, wide-ranging environments. The facility will feature exceptionally wide-ranging thermal conditions, wind speeds to 100 km/h, reduced background noise levels, advanced road load simulation, and complete simulation of solar, rain, snow, and soiling conditions. – hide
Chrysler Technology Center more
At Chrysler’s Technology Center, located in Auburn Hills, MI, Jacobs’ support encompasses a full menu of our capabilities. We provided design, construction support, and commissioning for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Facility and the Environmental Test Center (ETC), both of which include five types of test chambers. The EMC chambers measure electromagnetic emissions, while the ETC chambers are utilized for environmental and emissions testing over a range of simulated temperature, humidity, and altitude conditions. Our support to the Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel (AAWT) began with design, construction support, and aerodynamic and acoustic commissioning and continues today with maintenance services. Ranked as one of the world’s elite aerodynamic wind tunnels, the AAWT can accommodate a broad range of aerodynamic and acoustic test applications. As a precursor to the AAWT, we provided design, construction support, and commissioning for a 3/8th scale Aerodynamic, Thermodynamic, Acoustic Wind Tunnel (ATAWT). For the Powertrain Test Center (PTC), we provided design, software and network development, instrumentation development, system integration, and commissioning for more than 120 test cells. Jacobs currently provides maintenance management consulting and on-site support services for Facility Maintenance and Facility Engineering Groups at the Technology Center. – hide
Honda R&D Co. Automotive Wind Tunnels more
Jacobs provides design and design/build services to Honda at multiple international sites as part of our long-term relationship. To date, we have delivered three climatic wind tunnels and a scale model wind tunnel for Honda in North America, and an aerodynamic wind tunnel in Japan. In addition, we are currently providing maintenance services at Honda’s R&D Center in Raymond, OH. – hide
Motorsport Wind Tunnels more
Jacobs’ motorsport experience includes delivery of numerous wind tunnels with 10 currently in operation and two in development spanning adaptive wall, open jet, solid wall, and slotted wall configurations. Our adaptive wall technology has been proven to provide unsurpassed fidelity of aerodynamic simulation, providing wind tunnel-to-open track correlation without the need for data correction. Major motorsport clients have entrusted us with the design, build, operation, and maintenance of many of the world’s most complex test facilities. Our motorsport wind tunnel experience includes:
  • Four adaptive wall motorsport wind tunnels for confidential clients (UK)
  • Open jet motorsport wind tunnel for Windshear, Inc. (USA)
  • Open jet/adaptive wall wind tunnel for confidential client (Japan)
  • General Motors Aerodynamic Laboratory Wind Tunnel (USA)
  • Lockheed Martin Low Speed Wind Tunnel (USA)
  • Ford Driveability Test Facility Wind Tunnel 8 (USA)
  • Chrysler Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel (USA)
  • Chrysler 3/8-Scale Wind Tunnel (USA)
  • Solid/slotted wall motorsport wind tunnel for confidential client (Germany)


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